Data Science

Prof. Dr. Folker Meyer

The data science lab is part of the Institute for AI in medicine (IKIM), University Hospital Essen, Medical Faculty University of Duisburg-Essen. We are focused on efficient, reproducible and sustainable Data Science and Microbiome Analysis.

Data science brings together a number of disciplines and methods for the purpose of extracting knowledge from structured and unstructured data. It strives to achieve semantic integration of data from a variety of sources and disciplines, suitable technical platforms for integration are required to facilitate the process. Related to other disciplines like big data and machine learning, data science is part of the value-add chain from data to information to clinical and public health decision making.

Important aspects of data integration are suitable data exchange standards and data privacy, it is impossible to practice data science without good privacy and security concepts. The group aims for honor the principles of Data FAIRness as well as reproducible science via the use of workflow technology.

Microbiome and virome analysis presents an opportunity to assist with the rapid molecular characterization of infectious disease via DNA sequencing, It can also advance the early detection of life-threatening diseases e.g. sepsis, NEC, dysbiosis in patients with bone marrow transplants. Combined with a data science approach microbiome and virome analysis can provide vital clues for e.g. the detection of hospital borne infection, emergence of bacterial strains resistant to antibiotics and last but not least allow the establishment DNA base surveillance mechanism for the rapid and early detection of emerging DNA and RNA pathogens.

Wastewater based epidemiology (WBE) presents a unique opportunity to characterize the virome and microbiome of an entire community. WBE is a specialized form of environmental genomics and allows characterizing microbial and viral life in urban environments, integrating material from thousands of individuals. Using WBE we create preditive models of pathogens in the population and the environment. We also work towards the establishment of anomaly detection systems. The group routinely analyses samples from waste water treatments plants, the sewer system and the hospital environment.


Girardetstr. 8
House 8, 2nd floor
45131 Essen

Prof. Dr. Folker Meyer


Recent Publications - see all...

  1. Dennis Schmiege, Ivana Kraiselburd, Timo Haselhoff, Alexander Thomas, Adrian Doerr, Jule Gosch, Jens Schoth, Burkhard Teichgräber, Susanne Moebus, and Folker Meyer. Analyzing community wastewater in sub-sewersheds for the small-scale detection of SARS-CoV-2 variants in a German metropolitan area. Science of The Total Environment. 2023. [doi] [url]
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      keywords = {COVID-19, Public health, Small-scale, Single nucleotide variants (SNVs), Wastewater surveillance, Whole genome sequencing}
  2. Maren Bormann, Leonie Brochhagen, Mira Alt, Mona Otte, Laura Thümmler, Lukas van de Sand, Ivana Kraiselburd, Alexander Thomas, Jule Gosch, Peer Braß, Sandra Ciesek, Marek Widera, Sebastian Dolff, Ulf Dittmer, Oliver Witzke, Folker Meyer, Monika Lindemann, Andreas Schönfeld, Hana Rohn, and Adalbert Krawczyk. Immune responses in COVID-19 patients during breakthrough infection with SARS-CoV-2 variants Delta, Omicron-BA.1 and Omicron-BA.5. Frontiers in Immunology. 2023. [doi] [url]
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  3. Sultan Imangaliyev, Jörg Schlötterer, Folker Meyer, and Christin Seifert. Diagnosis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Colorectal Cancer through Multi-View Stacked Generalization Applied on Gut Microbiome Data. Diagnostics. 2022. [doi]
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